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Traditionally, cosmetic brands outsource their formulas and product creation, but we do things differently here at MOB Beauty - we have our own labs and create all our formulas in house. Having our own labs enables us to formulate to meet our rigorous standards and include our community on our never-ending beauty in progress.

You’ll often see us sharing lab behind the scenes on social, and our favorite moments are when our community is in our labs with us “at the bench” co-creating, learning, and collaborating.

If you’d like to join us remotely or IRL, please let us know. We promise to keep you updated on future MOB lab happenings, both live and virtual!

Visit the MOB Lab


Our purpose is to bring people together (the MOB!) to learn, inspire, collaborate, and advocate for change. We celebrate our participatory culture, and transparency and community are core values.

We love sharing our experience and knowledge on our mission to create conscious products and packaging that’s better for people, planet, and animals, and we’re glad you’re on the journey with us!

We’ve been so fortunate to host many community members at our labs and meet even more virtually, and we are just getting started. Together we are the MOB, and together we will shape better beauty for the future.

Visit the MOB Lab

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